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Light of Origin


​ Luz del Origen        


The system of "capturing" LIGHT of the origin or primal, is manifested by the Divinity, at the moment that the evolution of the humanities, reach specific stages of intelligence and elevation of consciousness. As part of his Divine plan of creation, when within the "cosmic cycles" he considers that it is time to produce an acceleration in the evolutionary process, he delivers "formulas" that executed with awareness and within a framework of serious spiritual discipline, produce very accelerated movements, so that the Consciousness rises to unimaginable heights for human comprehension. These "HIGH INITIATION" methods are generally given to highly evolved consciousnesses. 

LIGHT-Solar YOGA, method for the transformation and elevation of Consciousness.



LIGHT-Solar YOGA: It is the most excellent and effective method to make the spine a rod of permanent LIGHT, and the Heart a Radiant SUN.



Applying ourselves to the daily practices of Solar LIGHT YOGA, with discipline,  the consciousness begins to expand, the mental and egoic veils begin to disappear, a purification of the subconscious begins in a short time; a transformation begins to take place in the body, there is a cellular and DNA change, the genetic information changes, releasing the group ballast that we have been transferring from one to another for millions of years; information of pain, suffering, disability, ignorance, decrepitude and illness...

LIGHT YOGA: can lead you to enlightenment and more...


If you switch to another state of higher consciousness, you generate a "wave" of movement in the group mind, dragging others awake.

LIGHT YOGA and the practice of its methods generates Conscious Beings, now!



























LIGHT YOGA -Solar is the most effective method to make the spinal column a rod of paramagnetic Light, attracting the purest and most luminous energy, which allows the brain to evolve at dizzying speeds, which would take millions in a natural calculation. of lives of existence. It is very important that the spine is straight and elastic, so that the light flows without obstacles.



                                                                                                            Ishwa Odíne 




Yoga Lumínico Solar. Ishwa Odíne. Para la Autorrealización
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