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Terapia O.D.I.N.E.  Energía Consciente

ODINE Conscious Energy Therapy

New Millennium Therapy

ODINE THERAPY  Conscious Energy


LIGHT YOGA  contemplates structured protocols, so that the initiate performs therapy as a therapist towards others and for himself.

An initiated and well-prepared therapist can connect the treated person with  la ODINE THERAPY to the (primal Light) light that contains the information of all the energies of the _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_creation and fix this light information in the cellular water and in all sus  subtle bodies, preparing it for a multidimensional quantum leap. THERAPY O.DINE awakens in the treated person the power of self-healing, discernment, the most loving understanding of himself and others; allowing you to live a fuller and happier life.

ODINE THERAPY does not work like any energy therapy with pranic energies, but rather with Luminous Pranas, but above all with LIGHT; with Potential Light, with Light of Intelligence and with Vibratory Light. the difference between TERAPIA O.DINE  with any energy system is very great.



















ODINE THERAPY must be structured in such a way that the person  receives the three divine luminous traits, and is treated in all its planes of existence; For this reason, the treatment must consist of nine meetings, since in the first three, the therapy purifies the organism and eliminates information from the cellular water, eliminating emotions_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_encysted that produced the imbalance or pathology; the next three, the TERAPIA O.DINE works on the psychic plane of the person, cleaning the subconscious and burning the person's karma; the meetings that follow will connect the person with their spiritual planes, they will make changes in their consciousness, they will expand it to new understandings and they will encode their cellular water with new light information, so that they can connect with their internal planes, becoming aware of their divinity.


Complete treatments should be received so that imbalances are not generated on any existential plane. You can always repeat the treatment after a reasonable time, with the same structure.


Treatments with TERAPIA O.DINE can be impressive, if the person wants to take charge of their healing and transformation.


















Receive ODINE THERAPY it is to allow yourself the connection with the Light of all Light, it is to recognize yourself in that sensation, as that you are "it", it is like coming home, remembering who you are after lives in exile. "The prodigal son returns home and they also give a banquet in his honor" The Light recognizes the LIGHT, because that is what you are.

Your egoic personality is nothing more than a game of Consciousness, which made you forget who you were.

Yoga Lumínico Solar. Ishwa Odíne. Para la Autorrealización
Terapia Lumínica. Ishwa Odíne
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