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SonicaTherapy Cuencos de cuarzo y Diapasones pitagóricos-Ishwa Odíne- Altea

Explora la magia del sonido, sintoniza 

con tu esencia y despierta tu potencial interior.

SonicaTherapy-Sonido Curativo
Concierto Terapéutico-SonicaTherapy


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Sunday December 11
Hours: From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (arrive 15 minutes early)
Contribution: €20

Descubre la Armonía y encuentra la Paz Interior, 

con los conciertos Terapéuticos, a través del método SonicaTherapy


          Evolutionary Healing Sound

« Sound is the vibration of Light »


The therapy with Quartz Crystal Bowls, falls within the so-called vibrational medicines. Based on the principle that everything in the universe is vibration, at different frequencies that structure the form or matter. The human that resonates with health frequencies moves within this universal balance. The organs, the skeletal system, meridians and generators (chakras) vibrate in different sounds, which all together modulate a perfect harmonic joint vibration. When there is a blockage in this "orchestra", some system or organ that does not "follow the score", does not vibrate in harmony and disease occurs.

The Quartz Bowl: Sound and Light


As Quartz is solidified Light, through the sound of the Crystal Bowls and their light, these blocks can be broken, dissolved and released, which have their beginning in our etheric body or body of light. Ultrasounds have been used for years as a means of diagnosis and treatment in allopathic medicine. Ultrasonics work according to the principle: that light is sound and sound is light manifesting itself in a "form". The pure sound of the Crystal Bowls emits a holographic "template" of Light, which corresponds to the octave of the sound of our etheric body and the body of Light. Once the sound is transformed into light, the body can be considered as a visible frequency, which produces a colored auric field that reflects mental and emotional states, consciousness and the physiological state of the organism. Kirlian photography has scientifically proven the existence of this auric field.

Effects of a Bowl Concert


The visual spectrum therefore has the same vibrational wave as the auditory spectrum. There are seven musical notes that correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow and these are related to the main generating sites (chakras), which in turn correspond to different areas of the endocrine and nervous system. The pure sound of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl creates a vibrational field that resonates with the Light body, the generators and their corresponding physical areas in the human body. A therapeutic session of these luminous sounds facilitates the rebalancing and the elevation of the luminous irradiation of the physical body and the body of Light respectively. The Crystal Bowl contains the entire light spectrum that relates to these seven main chakras and this pure sound of the Bowls helps the body of the listener to heal naturally and at their own pace by receiving this "vibrational bath" in their field. energy and in all other subtle bodies. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls emit non-linear harmonics and unlike any instrument in existence now, these harmonics are of very high spiritual ranges or structures. This gives it a very powerful quality of elevation and transformation of consciousness, being able to do evolutionary work very quickly. The piezoelectric quality that Quartz has converts sound into Light, for this reason its use in advanced technologies. Witnessing a concert or sound session with Quartz Crystal Bowls played by an expert, is allowing your consciousness to rise and expand in a minimum time, which at a daily rate of elevation would take millennia, that is why its appearance at these crucial moments. in the history of mankind.



Tuning forks are instruments that vibrate at a specific frequency producing a single sound wave. This wave has specific characteristics that allow us to work with different parts of the physical and subtle body. The sound they produce lacks the natural harmonics found in other musical instruments: singing bowls, bells, and even the human voice. When we press a violin string we hear a dominant sound that we can define as one or another musical note, but it is the harmonics (overtones that make up that sound) that allow us to distinguish a violin from a guitar, however they do have the ability to to be able to modulate the sound.
The frequencies generated by the Tuning Forks interact with the human body due to its sympathetic resonance capacity, thus bringing reference vibrations closer to achieving internal harmony. There are different types of Tuned Tuning Forks in the Pythagorean scale, in the tempered scale, Sonic ©, resonators, etc. that are used depending on the type of work that you want to do. We must use these powerful transformation tools with respect and prudence, since if we add the therapist's intention to the physical action of sound, we find ourselves before a vibrational force that opens doors for those who wish to walk the path of personal evolution. They also offer a simple and effective method of activating the harmonic series in meditation and healing.
Listening to the pure Pythagorean intervals is a way to tune in to the sacred sound that balances life.  Each interval can awaken in us a deep universal archetype. We understand this better if we consider the theory of resonance. Resonance occurs when the vibrations of one object reach another and produce chord and related vibrations in it. The word "resonance" comes from the Latin word "resonare", which means "to return the sound". If both objects have identical frequencies and one of them is made to vibrate, the other sympathetically will also sound, this is called “sympathetic resonance”. The "forced resonance" occurs when the primary vibration is forcedly transmitted on another object; For example, the piano string makes the wood of the soundboard vibrate, even though both frequencies are different. This results in the amplification of the tone of the struck string. The intervals of the Tuning Forks create a sympathetic resonance with the sacred sound quality deep within ourselves, and the archetype begins to align our thoughts and physical bodies in tune with its vibration.
                                             OUR BODY IS SOUND AND LIGHT
If we consider our bodies as real manifestations of the Cosmic or primal sound patterns, we begin to understand how the sound of the Tuning Forks can be used to heal. The harmonic relations of organs and systems of the human organism can be balanced with the sound of Diapasones  SonicaTherapy©. We are sound, a perfect orchestra that must be kept organized and tuned to be healthy. Cerebrospinal fluid is the fastest mediator for sending sound to the furthest corner of our body; it is instantaneous. The ratios of the Pythagorean intervals have direct effects on the craniosacral system, which in turn affects our central nervous system and our attitude. The direct percussion of the tuning forks affects the central mechanism of conduction of the cerebrospinal fluid, known in osteopathy as the primary respiratory fossa. When we strike a tuning fork our intention is important, it should never be a mechanical process, as we attract the primal healing sounds. SonicaTherapy ©, encompassed within the Healing and Evolutionary Science of Sound © leads us to a deep communication with oneself and with others. The intention to extend oneself to others is the key to healing. We choose the sound configurations by deeply studying the patient and creating a different balanced environment, depending on the pathologies and imbalances of each person. The sound does the rest, bringing the altered frequencies to balance and health in our body; and a transformation of our consciousness.
ODÍNE  -  Health Coach
Creator of SONICATHERAPY - Healing Sound     
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Our SonicaTherapy Therapist prepared since 2009 and supported by the creator of the ISHWA ODINE system, with all the permissions and power, to teach and train in this method of healing sound, both face-to-face (especially in Uruguay and Argentina) and online.
598 99 824 823

She has been Initiated by Master Ishwa Odíne in the disciplines of Solar Light Yoga. Advanced Yogic Techniques. and in ODINE Therapy

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