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The ODINE THERAPY method contains a specific treatment called: SFD (Healing of the Family Saga and DNA decoding) very powerful and effective so that the person treated can heal, balance, clear karma, (even curses), that a whole family saga dragged generation after generation, since time immemorial.


These treatments with ODINE  SFD THERAPY cleanse the conflicting information in the person's DNA and cellular water, beginning to trigger a series of decoding reactions and emotional cleansing of their relatives. close, beginning to have much more harmonious and understanding relationships.


The treatment with ODINE  SFD THERAPY is super effective and very powerful, since it releases all the conflicts of pain and suffering of the entire family lineage, both towards the past and towards the future. Our children and their children will enjoy the liberation that this treatment produces, thereby preventing them from experiencing processes that would be repetitive in all future generations.




























Relationships with our parents tend to be conflictive, most of the time because of the information that they bring from their ancestors and that is repeated continuously over time, since it is recorded in the DNA. also generating an energy or "egregor", which accompanies.

Hahnemann (creator of homeopathy) called it "Miasma" and that is, all the genetic predisposition information that the individual brings encoded when he is born, from his ancestors and that in turn passes on to future generations.


ODINE  SFD THERAPY, Cleans, decodes, purifies, and restores the entire past and future family chain and provides new information on balance, healing, and implantation of a new light source code. Traumas disappear and release and restore harmony in the family relationship. It's like a miracle!


This liberation process is very important, so that the individual breaks with the unhealthy ties, which causes him to have reactions that are not really his, but his ancestors' and he carries them like a weight that does not allow him to live a full life. as a person. Actually we do not "think" we are "thought" by our ancestors.


Eliminating this with ODINE THERAPY allows us to become ourselves and react in life as 



These treatments must beface-to-face, in blocks of eighteen therapies, which can be repeated as many times as necessary, for the liberation of the family conflict. Well-being begins to be noticed in the environment of the person treated, depending on the problem, relatively soon, and is not only perceived by the patient, but also by all their blood ties.


Ishwa Odine 

ADN Descodificación y sanación con S.F.D. Terapia Lumínica
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