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Cuantum Scio- Ishwa Odíne- Altea-Alicante

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  QUANTICAL BIORESONANCE

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       SUBSPACE THERAPY



What is the SCIO? 


SCIO incorporates many therapeutic modalities into its programming. Bill Nelson's knowledge in the fields of fractal dynamics, subspace theory and the trivector system have made this biofeedback system possible. The SCIO is a computer system that detects energy abnormalities and automatically provides the body with the necessary information that will help to balance itself energetically. This bioenergetic information of the body is captured through 210 simultaneous channels. 


The SCIO is an excellent tool for pre-diagnosis and bioenergetic therapy, and in the hands of a qualified therapist, the imbalances of these delicate energy sources can be traced to determine the cause of the alteration or energetic imbalance of an organ or organic system. The therapist can also establish and determine lifestyle changes as well as natural remedies for the patient. 


How it works According to Nelson, any illness or disease of the person begins when a stressful element causes an interruption in the flow of energy. As a natural response, the body tries to fight it using the available resources it has. 


The SCIO is a computer system that detects energy abnormalities and provides the body with the necessary information that will help balance energy itself. The system operates based on the body's electro-physiological responses that reflect its cellular state. This is how the person's reaction speed is measured and their voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration, oxidation, and proton and electronic pressure indices are calculated. In this way, you can analyze the stress level and balance it. 


The SCIO compares the person's reactivity to the frequency models included in the program and presents the results from which the professional can initiate a series of therapies to reduce stress, restore vitality to the body and achieve physical well-being. and mind. According to Bill Nelson, the SCIO does not replace the role of the professional, but complements it. Currently, the system is used by many health professionals: acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths, kinesiologists and psychologists.

quantun scio-eductor



          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   ANTI-STRESS

The Quantum Scio-Eductor works mainly to eliminate stress and the problems it causes in the body at the immune, organic and mental levels, while helping people improve their intellectual and emotional performance. The system works with bioresonance and biofeedback fields from a computer that measures up to 110 electrical parameters of the person. Bioresonance works with the electromagnetic waves that all living units emit (from the cell itself).


Analysis areas


From the examination carried out with the SCIO, a more detailed exploration can be initiated and therapies can be carried out with different therapeutic points of view. 


" Infectology 

"Heart and Brain.

" Hormone and enzyme levels 

" Vitamin and mineral levels 

" Allergenic factors. 

"Food intolerances 

" Toxicities 

" Dental pathologies 

" Emotional releases. 

" Nervous system stimulation. 

" Stimulation musculoskeletal system.

" Stimulation of the circulatory system

" Addictions

" Lack of concentration

" Fears and phobias

" Insomnia 

quantum scio

The SCIO-EDUCTOR contains homeopathic samples stored in memory. The trivector energy models thereof are also stored in the program. The trivector energy model of a remedy is calibrated to a point, where the person's model is variable or reactive. So we can measure the reaction of an organism to thousands of elements. These elements are classified under the following groups:


  • Sarcodes: Healthy tissue, used for the reconstruction and detoxification of

  • tissues.

  • Nosodes: Diseased or infectious tissue, used for construction

  • immunological.

  • Alersodes: For the desentizacion of allergic.

  • Isodes: Non-organic toxins such as DDT that in the diluted form are used

  • for detox.

  • Nutritional: Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc.

  • Classic homeopathics: Herbs, Chinese herbs and other naturopathic remedies.


SCIO-EDUCTOR can activate these compounds in the body. The basis of 'SCIO' is the ability to measure the person's energy pattern and balance inconsistencies in the energy field. These supplements can also be added to the therapy.

What is noted during the session?


When the patient comes into contact with the electrodes, most people do not feel anything since they are receiving waves and frequencies of the same intensity as those that drive the organs of their body; the person feels comfortable and very relaxed, even falls asleep, and only a few feel the occasional little tickle when there are blockages and depending on their level of sensitivity.


The therapy is non-invasive and works with the body in a natural way, without side effects. Quantum Scio incorporates a nutrition program giving the patient detailed information on recommended and non-recommended foods, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. This is what we call the Food Intolerance Test. Quantum Scío also has many very effective treatment programs and advises you on recommended products, therapies that could improve your health and helps you get to know yourself a little better. 

tratamiento quantum_



The Eductor new improved program


The first main difference between the SCIO and EDUCTOR-ScioTM is the Electro-stimulation capability. Unlike the old signal generator in the SCIO, the new EDUCTOR-ScioTM has tripled the capacity, using not one, but three highly sophisticated and technologically advanced Signal Generators. These create for us a three-dimensional Scalar Field with greater stimulation versatility, improving all the programs that are being used. The main beneficiaries of this 3D scalar field are programs related to Anxiety, Addiction Therapy, Chakras, Pain Management and Electro Trauma Healing. The amplitude of the Generators can be configured separately for each function. By configuring small frequency interference reduction within the body, we can greatly improve the accuracy, range, and effectiveness of functions such as Scalar Wave, TVEP, ETM, MTENS, EWH, and MCES.


Supporting the Generators is a new biofeedback chip technology that allows the EDUCTOR-ScioTM to be 20 times more sensitive than its predecessor. With improved disturbance filtering for ECG, GSR, EEG and EMG functions, this device is truly a high-tech Biofeedback solution for today's therapist.


Using updated chip technology and Xrroid quantum technology that together allow the therapist to interact more deeply with the patient's electrical body, increasing their well-being.

The medical treatment that you follow is your sole responsibility. The use of our non-health services does not exclude or replace any conventional medical or pharmacological treatment, so that the acceptance of the proposed services is a voluntary, free and responsible decision.  


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