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Yoga Lumínico Solar Para La Autorealizac

 light yoga 


Being initiated into LIGHT-Solar YOGA is a divine gift for merits made in other lives. The soul yearns for union with God and throughout our evolution, there are moments of greater awareness, of that natural need for inner contact with our Essence. The Initiation in the "method" YOGA LUMÍNICO  Solar is a way of acceleration for the awakening to another inner reality, to the recognition of our divine heritage.


 LUMINIC YOGA and the practice of its techniques, is the most powerful method of evolution that is delivered on a planet with intelligent life, after millions of years of natural evolution of the species. To be initiated into LIGHT YOGA is to allow your consciousness to evolve with practice in one day, which would take a year naturally. Consciousness and the brain evolve in one day, one solar revolution, that is, three hundred and sixty-five days.

Yoga Lumínico Solar. Ishwa Odíne. Para la Autorrealización

Of course, everything depends on how you believe it, practice it consciously, not mechanically; Not mixing coarser techniques, to allow this most subtle LIGHT to progressively generate changes in the initiate. LIGHT YOGA can take you to enlightenment and more, to Cosmic or Light Consciousness and fuse you if it is the desire of your soul in the Unmanifested Spirit.


 LIGHT YOGA is the "means", the end YOU, a fully CONSCIOUS Being, HERE AND NOW.


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