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Ishwa Odíne Yoga lumínico solar  y Medit

Ishwa Odine 
A feature of Universal Consciousness


Evolution with   Y. LS 

Ishw Odíne Yoga lumínico Solar

Welcome! My mission is to act as an instrument of Love and Peace of the Universal Light. This Light is a fast path through which spiritual aspirants can activate and accelerate their evolution towards a luminous Consciousness.

Initiated in Kriya yoga and meditation, Ishwa Odíne, is a trustee and Initiator in the Method: LIGHT-SOLAR YOGA. Treaty for an accelerated evolution of human consciousness, towards the Divine Union.

Graduated in natural and alchemical medicines. She is initiated into the spiritual path, meditation and kriya yoga, by various teachers. Linked to a yogic lineage. It transmits Yogic-Solar knowledge, very advanced ancient techniques for the accelerated evolution of consciousness, which it has recovered for its teaching in this era.


Teach and help people through this LIGHT YOGA to live a full, happy life, controlling their emotions and their mind, to get out of suffering and live an existence being aware here and now, and thus reach self-realization; Expressing its light and transforming its environment.

Other degrees:

Pharmacy Technician. Diet and nutrition. Clinical Phytotherapy. Aromatherapy and Bio Cosmetics. Perfumer. Cosmetology and Natural Pharmacy. Homeopathy. Spagyria. Spagyric laboratory of plants and metals.
Floral Therapy Gems and Crystals. Mental Techniques. Foot Reflexology. Massage metamorphic. Bioenergetics. Initiator and trainer in Solar Light Yoga and ODINE Therapy. Healing Sound Therapies, de own research called: SonicaTherapy. 
Noesitherapy (healing with the mind). Emotional Holistic Kinesiology. Biomagnetic Pair y Medical Bioenergetics.
Quantum Scio ( Bioresonance, Subspace Therapy) 
Alción Therapy (Tachyons Energy) Quantum-Bioenergetic Therapy, of own creation and research.
Vital Regulation: Method to regulate and balance vital spaces , of own creation and research. 
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