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Diapasones de Belleza y Reflexoterapia facial

Revolutionary therapy that changes DNA information and cellular water. It brings coherent light, (tachyonic energy) It goes straight to the core of the psycho-emotional conflict. It changes the ancestral information of the tribe and frees us from genetic ties. De-traumatizes the conflict in the birth canal, restoring balance in the Atlas...

           Diapasones de Belleza y Reflexoterapia Facial

ALCION THERAPY, revolutionizes the world of Quantum and Bioenergetic medicine


Considering that there is an order and harmony in everything, each person, animal, each cell and molecule are inserted in the implicit vibrational order of the universe, called vibrational coherence. When an organism loses its ability to harmoniously maintain its own functions, disease arises. This loss of coherence can be expressed in any tissue, organ or system.

Quantum Medicine, known as mind-body medicine,  is an ontological method based on a broad vision of the human being. Medicine  Bioenergetics considers the relationship that each person has with their environment, since everything in the universe is related to a vibratory energy network through energy packets called quantas and that act in a resonance called coherence.

To understand the therapeutic method used in Tachyonic Medicine (ALCION THERAPY) it is necessary to modify the current paradigms, accept a new vision of man and recognize the implicate order of our universe where each cell, each molecule and each electron are part of this efficient quantum order. .

ALCION THERAPY techniques are designed to unify the core of the body-mind system. The healing process begins in this nucleus, and to achieve it, it is necessary to go beyond the most elementary levels of the body, that is, cells, tissues or organs, until reaching the point of connection between matter and mind. In other words, quantum stimuli remind cells of their original function as conceived in the quantum mechanical body.


ALCION THERAPY  corrects errors of mental significance, which allows resolving the vital impression that retains the flow of essential energy. This will result in a reestablishment of the interrelation of the energy units, balance in the light vectors (tachyonic energy or light without polarity), recovery of the morpho-genetic programs and normalization in the flow of vital energy. If this is done by an expert, the possibility of recovering the functions of the internal organs is indisputable. Health can be recovered, unless some new situation interferes that causes an energetic imbalance and again alters the morpho-genetic programs of the quantum body.


​ALCION THERAPY  tachyonic energy structure, to make the person treated activate their high healing resources and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields. With this therapy people receive coherent Light and transformation is imminent in most cases. This therapy activates the body of light.

Revolutionary therapy that changes information in DNA and cellular water. It brings coherent light, (tachyonic energy) It goes straight to the core of the psycho-emotional conflict. It changes the ancestral information of the tribe and frees us from genetic ties.

One of the main benefits of ALCION THERAPY is,  generate misinformation and a new structure of balance and release of the Atlas, as a result of the trauma suffered through the birth canal when we are born. Humanity has this conflict and if the birth has been  long and complicated, the person is prone to certain conflicts and imbalances, both physical and emotional.andALCION THERAPY is structured to progressively release this information. birth canal, regaining balance in the Atlas

Treatment of only 1 session plus a review. It should not be repeated in the person's life.

Therapy Created and researched by:

Ishwa Odine - Health Coach 


The medical treatment that you follow is your sole responsibility. The use of our non-health services does not exclude or replace any conventional medical or pharmacological treatment, so that the acceptance of the proposed services is a voluntary, free and responsible decision.


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