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 Light Yoga 


Light Consciousness

"A soul within a natural process needs millions of years to evolve and modify the cellular structure and the brain, in order to express divinity in its fullness, in a human body.


Our evolutionary process is influenced by sunlight, the food we eat, the movement of our planet around the sun, the other planetary bodies, and the movement of our solar system within the galaxy and the galaxy within our universe.

A million years would be necessary for a human to be able to express cosmic Consciousness. and this can be slowed down, if in that natural process of evolution, said being, is affected by the disease, overflowing emotions, excessive attachment to material life, etc.


Yoga Lumínico Solar. Ishwa Odíne. Para la Autorrealización


The astral influence is decisive in the process of awakening man.

But there are shortcuts, Divinity sends systems at certain moments of the cosmic computation, to help the humanities to shorten, if they wish, the evolution times of consciousness.

LIGHT YOGA - Solar according to solar consciousness, contains protocols  that makes a human being express Light Consciousness in one life, transmute his body and evolve his brain to manifest all the Divine potential...


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