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Cerebro Yóguico Millonario-Ishwa Odíne

Millionaire Yogic Brain

Let's be realistic:money is freedom. Without enough money, you are forced to work a job you don't enjoy, live on a budget, save instead of spend...


When you do, you are forced to live a certain way. On the other hand, if money is not an issue, you are no longer confined to a limited reality. You can live wherever, whenever and however you want.


Can you imagine what the world would be like if people like you had enough money to make a difference??. Not only could you live in freedom, but you could also help others to do the same.


With the money in the right hands, the world would be a different place. It's a beautiful dreambut open your mind for a second to the possibility that it could be a Reality.

Millionaire Yogic Brain

Ishwa Odine

Ishwa Odíne Yoga Lumínico Solar Altea Alicante
“The millionaire brain has a different neurology. Becoming a millionaire is
matter of activating the midbrain and taming the negative cortex " 

Ishwa Odine

This time you will say  Yes to a new and prosperous reality


we presentMillionaire Yogic Brain, a unique method of brain empowerment,
that will take you step by step to activate the brain of the millionaire.


Taught by an Enlightened Master,

the method consists of special sound frequencies  and advanced conceptualization techniques,used by yogic scientists,

to stimulate, strengthen and awaken normally inactive parts of the brain.


You will receive from this method the tools, techniques and strategies you need,to move from a life of limitation to a life of freedom.

Activate your Millionaire Yogic Brain

A collection of advanced visualization exercises and easy-to-use sound meditations

designed by yoga scientists, taught by an enlightened Master, to retrain your thought process, improve overall brain capacity, and activate the most powerful component, the midbrain  (Millionaire's Brain ).


Profound lessons taught by Master Ishwa Odíneto give you a deep understanding of how theMillionaire Yogic Brainfrom a yogic and contemporary perspective, giving you the ability to understand the full impact of the method on multiple levels.


Functional goal setting exercises designed to apply the properties of neuroplasticity
to create a new neurological structure and optimize the brain's ability to process one-dimensional thoughts in a three-dimensional reality.


A complete guide for your daily practice, simple and suitable for any lifestyle, that allows you to receive the maximum benefits of the method.

Cerebro Yóguico Millonario-Escuela Ishwa odíne-Altea-alicante

Millionaire Yogic Brain

Ishwa Odine

“ I can help many people to become millionaires but not all...

commitment is everything,and you must  commit,  I am committed to you, I will teach you this wisdom. I am committed not only to you, but to everyone, so that we can create a Golden age.   


Material necessities are not that hard to come by. It's just a matter of knowing what went wrong.


The method tries to empower the brain through sound frequencies, mantras in which I will personally initiate you during the program, systems


to guide you how you can realize your dreams with a plan to objectify, project and meet your goals. ​​


You should also familiarize yourself with and identify the parts of the brain that are responsible forCreate the passion and also the wisdom to be rich.


I want you to take advantage of this method to become a millionaire ...


"The power is in you.

Activate your millionaire brain"

Cerebro Yoguico Millonario Ishwa Odine

Will you be the next Millionaire?

Millionaire Yogic Brain

Ishwa Odine

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