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Fast da Physical and Mental Health


Ayuno Consciente con La Maestra Espiritual Ishwa Odíne

   Program :


* First day, arrival at 10 am (you must come fasting).

* Intake of isotonic seawater with lemon juice.

* Meeting talk and relaxation session.

* Infusion of dandelion prepared alchemically.

* You can drink the water you want.

* Light Water Intake.

* Time for  relaxation and awareness.

* Pranayama in the open air.

* Infusion of dandelion alquímica.

* Relaxation followed by meditation.

* Talk about food and emotions.

* Sleep.


* The second  y third day the same, except for drinking a pineapple juice_cc-341-5c7-159-y918 y bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in the afternoon to break the fast, the third day.


* You will be assisted at all times by specialized personnel.

* Advice towards a rich and healthy healthy diet.

* You will be informed that there is another way to "feed" to generate changes in your physical, emotional and expansion of



* This is a three-day meeting, for people who have never

fasting and are uninformed about the incredible benefits

que  provides conscious fasting.


* End of the meeting: Sunday  at 7:00 p.m.


* These meetings are in very small groups, for control

   and advice from fasting students.

* The meeting place: To be determined 


*  Contribution: €180 More accommodation.


*  Contact:

    +34 698953665


Very small groups.

Bring very comfortable clothes.

Three-day Conscious Fasting Meeting.

Awaiting dates 2021

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